Writing Quick Tip #1 – Score Your Words

A few times per week, I offer unsolicited writing advice to anyone who will listen. Sometimes, I even follow it myself.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 10.38.06 AM

Tip #1 – Score your book.

No, I’m not suggesting you give it a rating from 1-10.

Do a little digging on Spotify, or Amazon Music, or iTunes, or whatever your preferred streaming platform may be, and find a piece of classical music that could act as a soundtrack to what your working on.  For example, when I was writing The Broken Haven, I would often play the opening score from the movie Big Fish.  Find something that just feels like your book, or your character, or your setting.  If you’re working on a horrific novel about serial killer cannibals, Mozart probably won’t fit.

Before you sit down to write, play the piece of music, and it will help you get in a good headspace to get typing.


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