Editorial Services

Consulting, Book Editing and Proofreading Services for Writers

Every writer knows that no manuscript, short story, or even three-line haiku is complete without the help of an extra pair of eyes.

That’s where I come in.

Whether it be the midterm paper that’s worth 30% of your final grade, a quippy freelance article for a modern magazine, or the novel you’ve been wrestling with for ten years and just can’t seem to finish, I’m here to help. I’ll show you how to take your rough draft to the next level. If you find yourself struggling to put pen to paper or fingers to keys, feel free to reach out, say ‘Hello!’ and tell me a little about your work!

My services include:

  • Beta-reading
    • Ideal for fiction! I’ll read your work and give you a detailed report of what I thought of from an audience perspective. Think of me as your personal Amazon.com reviewer. We’ll have an in-depth discussion about the material and how I, as your reader, received it.
  • Concept editing
    • Perfect for all writing. I’ll put on my editor cap and read your work with a critical eye. We’ll go over plot structure, character development, narrative, and every other detail of your storyline until it sings. Or, you know, reads well. I’ll take a look at your work at any stage of the process, whether it be completed or not!
  • Line editing
    • My favorite! I’ll grab my red pen and get nit-picky with your work. Line editing services are very in-depth, and great for newer writers still learning how to string a sentence together. You’ll get all of my written comments on your work, along with a discussion of the piece as a whole.
  • Proof reading
    • My least favorite, but I realize the need for it. This option is idea for papers, essays, and final drafts that need an extra pair of eyes before the deadline. I’ll correct your grammar, wording, spelling, and format so that your work is pristine.


Because every piece is different, I only offer pricing upon request. I’ll estimate the amount of time it will take me to read your work and edit it, depending on the service you choose, and charge by the hour.

Please note: our post-editing discussion of your writing is always free, and I’m happy to sit and talk about your work over a glass of wine for as long as it takes.

To give you a rough idea of what I charge, a 50,000 word novel would take me approximately four hours to read, and another hour to develop and type up my point of view for a conceptual edit. Five hours of work at $40/hr would be approximately $200.

I am happy to work with any budget, and create a custom plan for you.

You can contact me about your work using the form on the Contact tab, or by emailing me at sarahgalyeanjonesauthor@gmail.com.